Prayer Card

Please help our son, Sean make the right choices in the midst of the horrible chaos and despair he has caused. Please, Mother guide him in your perfect grace and mercy in the right direction. Ask your Son, Jesus to forgive him and help him. Men have such a disadvantage with women. A woman gives birth, looks into her child's eyes, and places it at her breast. She knows it her own child, because she just brought him forth. A man never knows for sure. He trusts, believes and accepts even if he has doubt. Please pray that he does not give up on or abandon his son Leo, no matter what as talk of separation and divorce looms. Leo was raised by me and my son from birth until age 4, when his mother returned from prison. Please pray that if they can't reconcile, they can properly coparent, and that she doesn't think she can just run off with him because she's angry. Another woman, Kristal is trying to convince Sean she is carrying his son for 5 months now, in her infatuation. She treats him like a king but is a horrible mother. Victoria treats him like trash, but is Leo's biological mother. They had a normal 2 parent home life until just a few days ago. There were disagreements as in most marriages, but I just don't understand human pair bonding or why people aren't committed and loyal to one for life. "Two becomes one." Literally 23 pairs of chromosomes from the male and female merge and become as one in the creation of a child. The new human life can't ever separate one from the other. They are the one from the two until death. What is wrong in our society Father?! The order of things has gone terribly wrong! One man and one woman should meet, like one another, get to know one another, love one another, commit to remain together until death, and THEN if desired, join in intimate relations with full knowledge and intent to accept and commit to any child Our Father God decides to bestow on their union. In that order.
9 Oct 2019