Family Rosary

Lord thank you for all your blessings. I pray for Dylsn that he be safe, happy and successful, using his talents , drive and determination Lord, I pray you guide him. I pray t... Read Full Prayer
1 - Prayers Offered
16 Jan 2019
Ray G
OC TX United States
That myself and my ex-partner Anita some how through Christ may be back together
2 - Prayers Offered
16 Jan 2019
Tony Burden
Leominster United Kingdom
I was diagnosed with bells palsy, yesterday. This is the 2nd time. Please pray for me that my facial expressions go back to being normal.
1 - Prayers Offered
16 Jan 2019
Pickering Canada
For the spiritual and mental health of my son
4 - Prayers Offered
16 Jan 2019
Tom Fallon
Strathfieldsaye Australia
Please pray for my health and any kind if illness I don't want to fall yet my family needs me and I still want to keep living to see my grandkids please pray for me
10 - Prayers Offered
15 Jan 2019
Harlingen TX United States
Please pray for my marriage and for guidance on how to be better parents to our children. We need to be better a communicating with each other specially when our children need... Read Full Prayer
8 - Prayers Offered
15 Jan 2019
Fabi Ramirez
Pasco WA United States