Prayer Card

Renuka de silva 63 a 1 Kudahakapola North Ja ela Sri Lanka I am a Catholic Mother of 2 sons living in Sri Lanka.I am Struggling with lot of Difficulties since 1 Year.My Husband and my Eldest Son is unemployed and difficult to find a Job.We are walking through lot of Hardships .We are Praying but still didn't get answer to prayers.Some days i have got lot of obstacles to pray and go for Holy Masses. I am suffering with Diabetes ,Kidney Protineuria,Arthritis and High Cholesterol since long time. Please pray for me and my Family to get Blessing's and heal my Sickness .Please pray for my Parents also.Please pray for get employment for my Husband.My Husbands Name is BONIFACE PERERA.My Sons are SHEHAN and SHIHARE PERERA. My youngest Son SHIHARE has got a Exam on August this year.Please Pray for him to get good results and high Marks. Thank you so much for prayers.Please when you can please send me a Rosary.I am thankful to you.I have lot of difficulties to buy a Rosary.God bless you.Please send me a reply . I'm
15 Apr 2019