Prayer Card

We are going through a crisis ..My father joy john and our family.. our business partners who are relatives cheated us along with some other partners.. they filed cases and blocked all our income since years..all our assets are attached to it. We are struggling each day without money... My father and all of us are struggling with our lives... He have invested more than half of his life in the business .. my studies my job relation between family everything is affected.. those traitors are spending more money and making new cases and making and playing. God please rescue us come for us.. we need to get out of this... We need to live peacefully happily prosperous and lead our lives well. Rescue us... We are helpless... They are coming and I can't bear this.. gerald joseph living in Canada is making false claims and coming over to india along with liars.. please stop it forever..Rescue us god.. we deserve peace and our life back..We are done..We need you..Please rescue us from those liars.. i wish we are safe..Our assets our family our reputation all are safe forever..Please restore us..Safeguard us..I need this.. my marriage..My parents happiness..My home.. my belief in you. God please help me..Help us from all who are playing with our life ....Help my father and us, from the traps of those liars and heartless people and all who wish Ill for us..
16 May 2018