Prayer Card

I was praying to conceive with my second child aftr 7 years and God heard my prayers.I conceived in July.But complications havestarted.My first sonogram ws on 26th July and i ws 6 weeks but foetus was showing 5 weeks but it had a very good heartbeat.The doc advised anthr sono on 10th Aug,when I did the sono there ws no heartbeat and the foetus is in the 7th week and i am in the 8th week.Mygynaec advised to go for d & c to abort the child as she expects me to miscarry.I still said we willwait.So she advised hcg tests on 10th and askd me to repeat it on 13th.If the level is higher than 10th thn she said we will wait and do another sono.Please pray that God works a miracle and the baby's heart starts beatg.Also pray for its growth.I really dont wnt to abort the foetus.I want to carry it full term.  Please urgently pray for me.If nothing works I will have to immediately abort.  Thanking you for your prayers. 
12 Aug 2017