Prayer Card

From Fay: Dearest Father God I need Your help and Your Grace. Please hear me! I ask prayers for my daughter in law who lost her son Isaiah in a drowning accident on Sunday. She also lost her husband to an accident in 2008. She wants to do the son’s funeral in a bar. Please, please give her a new heart and a new mind like Jesus! I ask prayers for my daughter Tracey who is 53. She always talks down to me or mocks me. May she too learn silence, to be prayerful, holy and pure. She drinks and uses marijuana and lives in our house. I’ve told her not to but she waits till we are asleep. Please Papa God bless us with moneys, not for luxuries, but for bills, food, fixing the pipe in the kitchen spewing water, buying diapers for my husband with dementia.I’m so tired Papa God. My heart is very sad.I ask for Gods strength a courage during these hardships as well as His protection from the devil and its minions. May God bless me with perseverance and patience to care for my husband and household.To God may I give all glory, honor and thanksgiving now and forever!
14 Jun 2024