Prayer Card

Will you please pray for me and my family, so many stressful things happening at once. I am having health issues after recovering from difficult COVID and cannot afford a doctor. Our only car that was hanging on suddenly would not start, the mechanic is taking so long and blaming us, and it will cost over 1000-2000 dollars they say. We have had to put grocery money towards emergency car rental. Now the plumbing and electric systems in this old house seem to be failing, the landlord always does things whatever the cheapest way is and yet we cannot afford to move. It seems like everything coming down at once and all I can do is try to lay it at Blessed Mother's feet and beg her to ask Jesus to take these burdens from us and help bless us with the miracles we need. Please if you have even a minute, pray for us, God bless you all abundantly with peace, healing, and grace.
25 Jan 2023