Prayer Card

Please pray for Matt, Marie and Matthew Jr. Matt had some mental health crisis last night or this morning where she and the son had to leave with a friend. He implied that he wanted them to move out. Yesterday her ex turned off the electricity leaving the house dark and winter cold. She got the money together to pay it and while on the way, got pulled over. The tags and plates, as well as her out of state license was expired. The car got towed leaving her stranded in the wet and cold. My daughter rescued her and the electricity got paid and back on. She was able to get a ride to work. I was helping my son hours away in critical care hospital. Out of the blue, Matt freaked out this morning with mental health crisis of some kind. I've heard various stories. He keeps saying he's sorry and doesn't know what to do. He will probably soon be suicidal. She has told me her a very limited verson of her side. My poor grandson Matthew and it's such a mess. Please pray for them. All of them to come out of this ok somehow. She keeps posting on social media that we are not as supportive as we should be and she feels abandoned. Nothing could be further from reality. Please help her know that. And our son, Matthew too!
22 Nov 2022