Prayer Card

Dear Heavenly Father So I told my sister I am moving at the end of month. I know she needs her own space and respect that. I thank her for allowing me to stay with her and for helping me through disability process for renewal so I can keep on my medication until I can work through school and possibly find ft work. I'm concerned I know she suffers from depression and anxiety. I love my family but the yelling and blaming me hurts me and doesn't help with all my health issues and I don't want to have another stroke. She stays in her room she doesn't go anywhere. She doesn't drink heavily but she does have wine every night which I don't know if that is a problem of not. With her depression and anxiety I know it must not help. Father please forgive me for all my sins. Please watch over my sister Helen. I will move out in few weeks and I pray she's ok. She's always angry at me so I don't say anything anymore. Not that I criticized her I would ask how's she's doing what can I help with I will make dinner. But no matter what I do she's angry. Please guide Helen with her hurts and anxiety. I told her I want her to be happy. That's all I want. She lives close to 10 mins to my eldest sister which is good but also she do stuff for each other all the time which is good they are a lot closer to each other. I don't really speak to my eldest after how they treated John. I understand when I was in the hospital everyone was stressed. It's human but they treated him horribly without knowing him he didn't do anything wrong. They don't understand his job with military/govt plus I said I'm an adult he told me the responsibilities he takes care of his blind brother Mike financially his work to his PTSD now his stage 4 Stomach Cancer. I said I agreed to the relationship regardless of what he told me so if anything get mad at me. They jeopardized his job and just don't even know him. Family and John always been an issue. I still love my family but their controlling nature and yelling/anger blaming me when I don't even spend a lot of time with any of them. Even though I live with my sister currently for last year I have done some stuff with her but kept my distance as I know she has her own stuff going on. I try to help nothing is good enough. So I put my hands up. I walk away let her have her space and I need to focus on my life my health and John school too. Please love and guide my sister Helen. I love her. I want the best for her and for her to be happy. We can't do this without your help. Thank you for always loving supporting and guiding me with your undying grace. Thank you for what you will continue to do for me and my family and John. I will pray everyday keep faith keep hope alive trust in you Father. In Jesus' name. Amen.
6 Aug 2022