Prayer Card

I am losing hopes day by day as well as my parents also about my marriage..we tried a lot by searching matches and requesting a lot but no match is setting to me due to dowry problem no job for me as well also we are poor family there is no proper house also by seeing all these no one is accepting me.. my parents are becoming hopeless of my marriage they are trying so much and begging so many members of my relatives also not showing any pity on seeing all these my mom become healthless and mentally she disturbed and physically become also became patient suddenly raised high BP and sugar infront of my eyes by seeing them like this how hard to cry and be strong i don't heart is full of pain can't even share my problem or situation to anyone nobody is there for vultures there are firing me by way of talking and seeing with eyes so hard to go outside and do any work..what i have to do if i have relatives and relations then my marriage will happen surely but there is no way or hopes then how my marriage will happen daily crying and thinking about my friends are getting married younger than me also getting married but for me no in living house nearby girl got married on Feb she came to her mother's house today i just went and wishing her with smile but she can't even smile left from that place that much unlucky i am can't even greet by someone..while going to outside for any work my neighbours seeing me from top to bottom with some type of different view by their eyes it's feeling me my life became if a girl won't get marriage it's her problem there is no rescept for parents..all are seeing very cheaply us no one is rescepting us my mom totally dipressed by seeing all these why God won't punishing them when we will get good days in ours life.. so please prayer for me to get married within this month of August atleast engagement must happen prayer like this if u prayer really it will happen..angel has to bring life partner for me with good hearted person well educated and be in good and respectable position well mannered person with all best qualities who are seeing me cheaply and daily firing me gossiping and cracking jokes on me they have to shut their mouths by getting awesome match and marriage has to be fix within this month of August then only i will get out of this heaven.. please prayer hardly for me remove from hell and bring to good's needed and humble request so prayer fastly i have to get engaged with my life partner within this month and married within this month of august please find good partner with your prayers..
5 Aug 2022