Prayer Card

Please pray for the relationships with my son's fiance and her two daughters. Audrina is tormenting and torturing Leo again. Kristal is suffering from post partum depression. Audrina told her mom I was being 'rude', and demanded I get back inside my house! She is 12 and I am 65. Audrina just told her Mom all kinds of crazy things. Audrina has just ruined whatever progress we've made in getting along with Kristal. Please I'm begging for an intervention. Urgently! Sean and Kristal have their entire family life about to be turned upside down because of this. Audrina has no respect and feels she needs to have absolute control over everyone and everything at all times. I should've just walked away. But I told her it's not a child's (her) job to parent another child (Leo). She torments her own sister Leila also. Leo and Leila are 7. There's also a one month old, Asher and little Osiris is now 2. Tension is high and I'm scared.
13 Jan 2022