Prayer Card

Pls pray for my personal life answer. Do I have a marriage? If not what is my independent life Pray for my parents. I want them with me. There health, peace. Pray for my carrear. The job which I have will the harrasment stop and a new change. Or you move me from there to a different organisation. Or help me to start my own business. Please help me to be confident and fearless. Please help me to stay positive Help me to grow. Pray for our family property which our relatives are not giving. Pray for in my current job there should be no mistake Pray for a change in my life Lord you please be in charge. Help me to keep my faith strong over all these hurdles. Pray for my health. The medicines what I eat let it stop. I really need Way from you. Please help me. The trouble which are on my way please change it. Pls answer my prayer.
13 Sep 2021