Prayer Card

Dear Heavenly Father, First, this might be a bit long. I feel a bit trapped. Even though I am vaccinated as I have many health issues. I doing my best to keep healthy overall so when my boyfriend, John Kemp is ready for me to visit to help and love him. He is fighting Stage 4 Stomach Cancer and going through agressive treatments and his immunity is low. I am grateful I came across this Prayer Request site. I was hoping to have already be in TX to visit John after he broke the news to me his Dr has said treatments are not working and he suggested another month and no more after. Since then John has been distant from me. I sent screenshots of airfair and hotel to ask if it was ok to go visit and help him. He hasn't said much but to visit when possible but not yet. I asked why, he mentioned he will be having several procedures on his stomach. I asked what that means for the cancer and all he asked was to wait that we can discuss when he has more information. I don't know if he's just trying to pass more time for me to come out or if he indeed is going through some procedures. I am doing what I can from afar. I told him I have my suitcase packed and just need to book a flight. I message him daily since his diagnosis even if he doesn't respond. Showing him I'm there with him every step of the way that we are in this together and I love him very much. I ask for more prayers for my boyfriend John Kemp. I'm respecting his wishes for now and giving him his space. Doing my best to be light and positive when I talk to him. Father, please lay your healing hands on John and rid of every cancer cell so he can heal and serve you. I understand time is of the essence. Forgive me for all my sins. Im afraid but I trust in you father. I love you, Father. Amen.
14 May 2021