Prayer Card

Please pray for Sean and Kristal. She miscarried another baby last week and our dog was hit and killed the same day after her daughter chased her into the street. Her daughter, Audrina watched helplessly as the dog was struck and died. Audrina is 12. Please pray for all of them. Also, pray that Sean continues to be successful at work. Something else must be going on with their situation, as he was so down today, and said he was having a lot more going on than he could handle. Please pray for all of the family relationships involved. Please pray for little one year old, Osiris. He may not be feeling well. He is physically and mentally delayed in development. Please strengthen our bond with Kristal, Lord. There is a very ominous atmosphere today, and I am scared. Please pray that Sean and Kristal and the children can all live in harmony with us nearby as he has put everything into building that home.
10 May 2021