Prayer Card

Please pray for our son, John Paul Corker, who had surgery to remove most of his colon last July. Please pray for his healing. He has developed some severe new symptoms that hopefully will not result in further surgery or will reveal that he now has cancer. He has a doctor's appointment Wednesday, May 12th, to check his colostomy and evaluate him for any necessary tests or procedures. Please, Our Blessed Mother Mary, be with him in this, and give him comfort and strength for whatever happens, and I implore you with deep love and devotion to ask of your Son, The Great Physician, Jesus, to help and heal him. He is very scared that the prognosis will not be good. His doctor has indicated that he might not be able to reconnect the pieces after the one year mark as planned, depending on what the new tests reveal. He is only 45 years old, our first born, please, Lord let him have a long life ahead. Amen.
10 May 2021