Prayer Card

Please pray for Leonidas. He has developed extreme emotional upset, depression, crying nonstop, anxiety, dramatic return of tics and absence seizures again. He's completely confused and even in physical pain. He keeps saying he's sorry that his 'brain is broken' and crying for me to make his brain stop hurting him. Problems with the stepsisters and holiday stress and changes in his routine have even made him physically sick. He's only SIX and autistic, speech problems and people can be so mean. Please pray for his dad and stepfamily to understand and help him. Please pray they stop being so awful. Oh, Most Holy Mother hold him, kiss his head with your gentle healing love and help him through this. Your son, our Lord Jesus was different and mocked and mistreated too. Please implore your Son, Our Savior to help my precious little grandson. Help the step sisters and stepmother to overcome their own life challenges.
5 Apr 2021