Prayer Card

Lord, as you know, last March I was unjustly accused of something I did not do and did not say. I am a senior and a widow. This was a young woman attacking me. I am on my own and have never knowingly done anything to hurt anyone. I called her many times to ask her to explain to me what I had done or said and she would not accept my call. I am still crying about this, all these months later. To make it worse, she attacked me on the day my husband died. I have gone over this in my mind every day and there was nothing I said. Please let this woman apologize or take this from my heart and mind. I feel so bad to be accused of something I did not do; and it was a horrible day to begin with and she added to it. She said I said that she was not abiding by the quarantine rules. I was not even thinking of that at that time. I know this sounds silly but I have always been happy that I never offended anyone. So I don't get this at all and it is really hurting me. Please Lord, take this from my mind and have this young woman apologize for this wrong doing. I did try to clear it all up and called her eleven times ... she refused my calls. AMEN.
23 Nov 2020