Prayer Card

Prayers for salvation,peace,protection,financial prosperity,guidance,direction,knowledge,wisdom,discernment,grace,mercy,purity,favor,blessings,strength,healing of doubt and fear, physical,spiritual,emotional and mental healing, restoration,healing and reconciliation in past broken relationships. All these prayer requests for Evan, Jackson,Alan,Toni,Vanessa,Cheyenne, Danielle and Jacob. Prayers I, (Toni ), will be blessed with a strong,loving,caring Christian man I am compatible physically,spiritually, emotionally and mentally for friendship, companionship and marriage. Prayers my son Alan will be blessed with a partner that he is compatible with physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally for companionship,friendship and marriage. Prayers Evan and Vanessa will grow more and more in live with one another each day and desire to attend Church and to have their son baptized.
23 Nov 2020