Prayer Card

Please pray for Lisa M B to do the best for her children in regards to educating them in the coming year. Please pray that she is guided by the Holy Spirit and that follows God's plan for her and the children in spit of the Covid Pandemic. Please pray for all children that will be attending face to face school and those that will not be this fall. Please pray that Allison and Emily will learn in spite of how they are educated and stay on task and be at grade level or above throughout the school year. Please pray that they are well educated and that God and The holy Spirit guides them and their teacher(s) or parents. Please pray for Mary Louise and all of her family and caretakers as she goes thru this upcoming hospice care. Please pray that her family selects the best hospice group for her. Thank you and Bless all of her family to remain healthy and Covid free. Thank you, Thank The Lord, Thank The Holly Spirit, and Thank St Jude and all the saints.
31 Jul 2020