Prayer Card

please can you pray for my brother Irfan. I am a convert and me and my 3 brothers live in America but the rest is in Turkey. I have many enemies because of my conversion and they do all kinds of evils to wipe us out so to wipe out the holy Name of Jesus. They killed my mother 6 years ago I still cannot recover. All my family members are sick and troubled after my conversion. Myself by God's Grace I am alive. Long time ago he(my brother) Irfan told me that he will die and we and we will send him to Turkey. And long time ago also I saw a dream that one of my brothers died. And few month ago while I was in a car in front of my brother Irfan's house a saw a spiritual human like creature out of the body on the back seat while I was on driver's seat told me she was behind my brother Irfan to kill him. I prayed alot and my prayers are not answered. I found out that a very poor family the father is Mehmet and his son Irfan like our names with the same last name have become very rich. this stranger Irfan from my city little town have became a contractor in the Capital Ankara and has build for his dead father's memory a huge school from kindergarden to end of high school and free of charge education while my brother Irfan is in debt and collection agencies behind him. I was a famous bussiness woman in Turkey but now I am like a homeless bagger. I need your prayers for Jesus sake please. God Bless you. Mufide Mary
12 Jan 2018