Prayer Card

Renuka De silva 63 a 1 Kudahakapola north Ja ela Sri Lanka Dear Rev.Father, I am a Catholic mother of 2 sons from Sri Lanka. Since more than 8 years i am suffering with Diabetes, Highblood Pressure, Kidney Protineuria,Obesity, Gastritis and Fatty liver Disease. Every two times in Month i get Fever. I have Checked blood and couldn't identify the sickness i have. I am struggling Financially allso.I have Debt to clear.Since more than 16 years I am struggling financially lot. My Husband doesn't care me.He has a Affair with another woman since 12 years. He doesn't give me enough Money to buy food and pay bills. My Husband has 3 sisters who are unmarried. They are allways trying to break our family. They are doing Witchcraft and Black Magic ageinst me allways. The difficult situation with them is since 20 years. They are trying everything to destroy and divide our Family. Please pray for them allso.Please pray for our family get Blessing. Please pray for reduce poverty in our family. Please pray for a FInancial Blessing. Please pray for my Husbands Sisters allso.Please Father when you can please send me a Blessed Rosary and a Novena Book.I will be thankful to you.Please send me a reply. Thank you.God bless you.
13 Sep 2017